Outside Catering

Outside Catering

Our Checklist for the perfect event.

Planning a party, wedding or any event is a daunting task. You need to check the venue, the number of visitors you are going to host and most of all you need take special measures on what they are going to eat. All these lies on your shoulders. But, do you need to prepare all of these by yourself? If you are thinking of hiring an outside catering supplier for your event, here are things you should take into consideration.

The type of event you want it to be

Talk to your outside caterers on what you would like, how you want the day to feel like, the style of food, how you want the event to turn out and much more. Give them, as much information as what you would like, but not forgetting to listen to their advice.

Should it be a buffet or sit-down

If you are hosting a large crowd, a buffet is an ideal choice. A fork Buffer is sometimes better than finger food. Also, to prevent a lot of fuss, a cold fork menu is better than hot.

Decide on the venue, resources, and budget

Before hiring an outside catering supplier, always make sure you select the right location. The venue determines the accommodation and kitchen for caterers. There are venues that allow outside caterers and others don’t. If you have the location organized, establish the budget that you will work with.
Don’t forget to decide the times you want the food and drinks served

Special Dietary Requirements

If any of your guests have special dietary requirements (due to allergies or personal reasons), make sure your catering supplier is informed. Most caterers these days are willing to allow for special dietary needs, but only if they are told in advance.

Check out the available equipment and staff

Always check the equipment available on-site to see if you will need to provide your own. Take into consideration the safety regulations and make sure everything is working accordingly. Your outside caterers should have enough equipment for cooking, enough plates, glassware and serving dishes, and not forgetting sufficient staff to cope.

Hiring an outside catering supplier takes the hassle out of organising your event. Follow our suggestions and you can ensure that all goes smoothly.

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