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Lincat ovens (a part of the Lincat Catering Equipment ranges) are available in a few different product ranges including Convection Ovens, Pizza ovens and General Ovens which include Fan Assisted Ovens and Static Ovens.

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 Pizza Ovens  Convection Ovens  General Ovens


Convection Lincat Ovens:

The Lincat Convection Ovens are an ideal option for baking and roasting due to the easy of use and design feature they have to offer. For example take the ECO and LCO models, they have all been designed with fans that efficiently circulate air flow in order to assist uniformed heating and consistent cooking results which makes them perfect for a number of jobs such as roasts, pies, pizzas and bakery foods.

Here are some of our best selling convection ovens from the Lincat range, all of which come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty as standard:

Lincat LCO Convection Oven Lincat ECO8 Convection Oven Lincat ECO9 Convection Oven -
Lincat ECO8 Convection Oven Lincat ECO9 Convection Oven


General Lincat Ovens (Fan Assisted and Static Ovens):

These types of Lincat ovens including the “Silverlink 600” range offer some cool feature for reduced cooking times and better heat distribution to help cook up all that’s need in a much fast time frame, along with this they also offer a rapid cool down feature.

As you can see from three of our top selling general ovens range, this range of Lincat ovens offers a verity of styles and options to suite any kitchens needs no matter what the job!

Lincat V6 Electric Oven  Lincat LMO9 General purpose oven Lincat V6/D Electric Oven
Lincat V6/F Electric Oven Lincat LMO9 General purpose oven Lincat V6/D Electric Oven


Pizza Lincat Ovens:

We have a large range of Lincat Pizza Ovens available which are not only perfect for cooking pizzas - making them the ideal choice for Italian restaurants and pizzerias – but are also great for a much wider range of kitchens such as cafés, takeaways, snack bars, canteens, fast food restaurants, education departments and leisure establishments.

The range of Lincat Pizza Ovens have been designed especially for cooking the crispiest pizzas around with the firebrick bases which also enhance even cooking for fresh dough, thin crust and deep pan be that from frozen or part-baked pizzas! These Lincat ovens are also ideal for a wide variety of other foods including garlic bread, naan, jacket potatoes, lasagne, ciabatta, pies and other pastries making them perfect for any pizza house.

Lincat LPO Pizza Oven Lincat PO89X Pizza Oven Lincat PO49X Pizza Oven
Lincat LPO Pizza Oven Lincat PO89X Pizza Oven Lincat PO49X Pizza Oven


We supply all of this catering equipment from Lincat and will happily advice on the most appropriate catering equipment from Lincat, if you would like a free consultation or pricing information please contact us or see Lincat Catering Equipment for a wide range of Lincat cooking equipment we can supply you:

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