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Our range of Front loading dishwashers are supplied by the leading UK catering equipment suppliers. No matter what your requirements or budget you will find the right front loading dishwasher in our product range. Our on line brands include Blue Seal Catering Equipment, DC Series, Maidaid Halycon, Sammic  and Halcyon Amika.

Our top selling brands are from DC, Maidaid Halcyon and Sammic. Please see below for our guide to the machines in these companies product ranges.

Sammic under counter dishwashers

We are delighted to offer the full range of Sammic Dishwasher. The Sammic range was relaunched in 2013 and split into three ranges. The starting point is the Sammic PRO P-50 machine which has a 500mm basket gravity drain machine with a single cycle time of 180 seconds and is supplied with a 12 month parts & labour warranty.

Stepping up a level the Sammic X-TRA range is made up of 4 machines which all have 3 wash cycles. The 450mm basket X-45 is designed to run from a 13 amp power supply and has the option to come with a fitted drain pump, whilst the 500mm basket X-50 can be supplied with optional drain pump and built in water softener if required. The X-60 machine has a constant rinse temperature system which has been designed to give hygienic sanitized results making this an ideal machine for hospitals, clinics and laboratories etc. The largest unit in the range is the X-80 which as a usable height of 400mm. All of the products in the X-TRA range also benefit from a 2 year parts & labour warranty.

At the top of the new product range comes the two machines from the SUPRA range of machines. Both of these machines the S-50 and S-60 have 3 wash cycles 120 / 150 & 180 seconds and are fully double skinned and also benefit from having a wash and temperature display built into the electronic control panel.

To assist you in selecting the right machine for your companies needs please see our quick machine guide below.


Model Basket Size



Cycle Time







Break Tank


rinse temp



P-50 500mm 330mm 180 Secs Yes -- -- -- -- 13 amp
X-45 450mm 280mm 120 / 180 / 210s Yes Optional -- -- -- 13 amp
X-50 500mm 330mm 120 / 180 / 210s Yes Optional Optional -- -- 16 amp
X-60 500mm 330mm 120 / 180 / 210s Yes Optional -- -- Yes  30 amp
 X-80  500mm  400mm  120 / 180 / 210s  Yes  --  --  --  --  30 amp
 S-50  500mm  330mm  120 / 180 / 210s  Yes  Optional  Optional   --  --  16 amp
 S-60  500mm  330mm  120 / 180 / 210s  Yes  Optional  --  Yes  Yes  30 amp

 Please note that all 16 and 30 amp machines can also be supplied in three phase if required.

DC front loading dishwashers

Consisting of 9 machines the DC range of commercial front loading dishwashers is split into four product groups economy machines, standard machines, standard extra machines and Premium machines all of which are supplied with a 1 year parts & labour warranty.

There is one economy range machine the 500mm basket ED50. This single skinned gravity drain machine has a 3 minute cycle time and also benefits from being fitted with an energy saving wash pump, auto dosing units and can be fitted with a drain pump if required. The ED50 is powered from a 13 amp single phase power supply for ease of installation.

There are three units in the standard range of front loading dishwashers. The 400mm basket SD40, 450mm basket SD45 and 500mm basket SD50. Each of these machines are supplied as gravity drain as standard but can be fitted with combinations of fitted drain pump, Break tank and internal water softeners as required. These double skinned machines have a three minute cycle time, energy saving wash pumps, auto-dosing units, optional thermostop and molded hydro-dynamic basket runners as standard. All of the standard range machines are powered from a 13 amp single phase power supply.

There are two units in the Standard Extra range the SXD45 a 450mm basket & the 500mm basket SXD50 machines. These units differ from the standard range machines by benefiting from superior peristaltic auto-dosing units, insulated boilers, and dual element configuration. The standard extra range machines require a 20 amp single phase or three phase power supply.

At the top of the DC range of front loading dishwashers comes the three machines from the premium range the 400mm basket PD40, 450mm basket PD45 and 500mm basket PD50. All of these units benefit from having two and three minute cycle times,  heavy-duty wash pumps, superior peristaltic auto-dosing units, optional thermostop, insulated cabinet and door, double skinned body, extra usable height and low volume wash tank. The PD40 requires a 13 amp single phase power supply while the PD45 and PD50 machines require a 30 amp single phase or three phase power supply

Maidaid Halcyon front loading dishwashers

We are delighted to offer the full range of Maidaid undercounter Dishwashers which were redesigned in 2013 to bring you a higher specification than before on the equivalent machine from the C501 up to the top of the range Evolution 515WS.We are sure that with within the Maidaid undercounter Dishwasher product range you will find a machine that meets your needs at a very competitive price.

All of the machines require a 30 amp single phase power supply for optimum performance although can be supplied as a 13 or 20 amp single phase machine but this will have a lower performance level (please call us on 01295 722250 if you require a different configuration).

The "C" range of machines now consists of 3 gravity drain machines all with 500mm baskets and the option of a fitted drain pump if required. They also all have NEW soft touch controls with bright LED displays and a selectable energy saving mode as well as a partial double skin giving a noise and heat loss reduction. The C501 has a usable height of 320mm and 3 cycle times of 70, 110 and 150 seconds. The C505WS is supplied with an internal water softener as standard while the C511 is supplied with a WRAS approved fitted break tank as standard.

There are two machines in the "D" range. The D511 has a 500mm basket, usable height of 355mm, WRAS approved break tank as standard, Drain pump and is fully double skinned. In addition to the standard features on the D511 the D515WS is also supplied with an internal water softener as standard.

There are 4 machines from the Evolution range of machines the Evolution 501, Evolution 505WS, Evolution 511 and Evolution 515WS with all of the Evolution machines designed to give maximum energy and wash efficiency.

For those really busy environments Maidaid offer 3 heavy duty machines all with WRAS approved fitted break tanks, soft touch controls and double skinned the 320mm usable height MH520, the 380mm usable height MH520T and the 430mm usable height MH720.

The budget Halcyon Amika range of dishwashers consists of two machines the Amika 50XL and Amika 51XL. Both machines are gravity drain with an option of a fitted drain pump, a 500mm basket, a usable height of 325m as well as two cycle times. Detergent and rinse aid dosing is standard on both models while the 51XL also benefits from soft touch controls and has an internal break tank fitted as standard. As with the rest of the Halycon Amika range these units are supplied with a 1 year parts & labour warranty.

If you do not find what you are looking for or require any advice please call us on 01295 722250 and we will be delighted to assist you. 

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