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Our range of ice making machines are supplied by Foster Refrigeration Equipmment (Foster Ice Makers), Whirlpool (Whirlpool Ice Makers), Direct Catering (DC Series Ice machines) Maidaid and Scotsman. We have a model to fit every need from standard Ice cubes machines for small cafe's and Bars up to large Ice flakers for use in fish storage etc.

Please see below details of our product ranges in more detail.

Foster Ice Makers

Fosters have four free standing units that are designed to produce you quality ice time and again. With ice produced at very low temperatures, from -15'c down to -25'c at the time of harvest  you get harder ice cubes that last longer while machine life is extended thanks to the Ice production tray being flushed after every cycle - virtually eliminates the risk of limescale build up - ensures hygienic, crystal clear ice free from impurities.

Please see below our quick guide to the self contained Foster Ice machines

Model Output in 24 hours Bin Capacity Dimensions
F20 20kg 6.5kg 385(w)x445(d)x700(h)-mm
F40 38kg 15kg 495(w)x430(d)x815(h)-mm
F60 64kg 27kg 690(w)x520(d)x885(h)-mm
F85 83kg 27kg 690(w)x520(d)x885(h)-mm


DC Ice makers

The DC range of self contained Ice makers is a full range of machines in both machine size and Ice types. The smallest machine is the DC20-4A which produces 20kg of classic Ice in 24 hours and has a storage bin with a 4kg capacity, with machines at varying sizes up to the DC155-65A which produces up to 155kg in 24hours and has a 65kg storage bin. The DCG range produces granular ice with machines with output of either 90 or 150kg every 24 hours.

All of the above machines have a 3 year parts & labour warranty.

We also offer the DCi range of self contained ice machines that produce hollow Ice with production outputs ranging from 25kg in 24 hours for the DC125-7 up to 140kg production in 24 hours for the Dci140-45 machine. These units benefit from a 2 year parts & labour warranty.

Please see below our guide to the different types of ice available

Classic Ice - Solid cubes of crystalline ice that cool quickly and melt slowly. Suitable for bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and  healthcare and educational facilities.

Hollow Ice - Hollow cubes of crystalline ice that cool quickly and melt slowly, that are particularly suited to hard water areas due to the way the cubes are manufactured. Suitable for bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and  healthcare and educational facilities.

Granular Ice - Similar to crushed ice, it's softer than cubes and chewable, while its mouldable properties suit displays or packaging applications. Suitable for cocktail bars, cafeterias, healthcare industries, fast food outlets, care homes, hotels, supermarkets and fishmongers.

Maidaid Ice Machines.

The Maidaid range of ive machines have production outputs from 21kg up to 155kg per day and storage bins from 5kg to 65kg. All the units are powered from a 13 amp single phase plug and supplied with a full 3 year parts & labour warranty ensuring piece of mind. All of the Maidaid Ice Machines use a unique spray system technology to produce 13 gram ice cubes that minimizes scaling and produces separate crystal clear, slow melting ice cubes, when produced they are stored in the easy clean ice storage bin made from food safe tough ABS. These WRAS approved units operate in ambient room temperatures between 10 to 25'c required (optimum 20'c) with a required water pressure of 1 to 6 bar.

To aid you search for the correct machine please see below out simple machine guide to the options of machine available.

Model Production kg (24hrs) Bin Capacity (kg) Bin Capacity (13gm cubes) Unit Dimensions
M22-5 21 5 310 345(w) x 400(d) x 595(h)-mm
M30-10 28 10 530 390(w) x 460(d) x 695(h)-mm
M34-16 34 16 950 500(w) x 580(d) x 790(h)-mm
 M42-16  42  16 950  500(w) x 580(d) x 790(h)-mm
 M50-25  48  25  1470  500(w) x 580(d) x 900(h)-mm
 M65-40  65  40  2350  738(w) x 600(d) x 1020(h)-mm
 M90-55  90  55  3240  738(w) x 600(d) x 1120(h)-mm
 M130-65  130  65  3830  840(w) x 740(d) x 1175(h)-mm
 M155-65  155  65  3830  840(w) x 740(d) x 1175(h)-mm


Scotsman Ice machines

We offer on line two ranges of Scotsman Ice machines the Easy fit SuperCubers and self contained SuperCubers, a range of Ice and water dispensers as well as an industrial standard Ice crusher.

The Easy fit SuperCuber EC range includes 7 machines with capacities ranging from the EC46 (9kg storage bin / 24kg in 24 hours) through to the EC226 (70kg storage bin / 145kg in 24 hours). These machines produce the famous Scotsman super cube ice cube and include built-in waste water pumps to enable them to be sited in situations where other ice makers could not due to inadequate drainage.

The Self contained SuperCuber ACM range also has 7 machines with capacities that match that of the EC range of machines however these units do not have fitted built in waste pumps. The Machine makes Supercubes which are the most popular type of ice cubes; these are the perfect choice for restaurants, pubs, and clubs. They are made in the famous Scotsman thimble shape, and are available in three different sizes.

At the more specialised end of the market are the range of ice dispensers and drinking water coolers, including touch-free models that dispense without the need for human contact. This range includes the table top TC180 models as well as the freestanding CD40 machines.

Scotsman Ice Systems has been a leader in the manufacture of ice machines for over 50 years

Scotsman products incorporate a depth of knowledge, engineering skills and expertise of application specific industry sectors, accumulated during many successful years of activity.

It is most important to have a water filter/softener in line with your Ice machine. Without a water filter as ice is produced the remaining cold water in the machine becomes more and more concentrated with calcium etc. This calcium deposits on the components inside the ice maker, putting a coating on the evaporator and causing pumps to fail. More electricity is required to produce ice when the evaporator is coated with scale and eventually an expensive service call will be required, which is chargeable.

Remember, Fit a water filter in line with your ice machine, run a cleaning solution through your machine regularly, and clean the condenser regularly. Following these simple procedures will give your ice machine a long and economical life

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