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Thames Valley Catering are a proud supplier of the full Maidaid Halcyon range of warewashing and Ice machines.

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Maidaid Glasswashers Maidaid Dish Washers Maidaid Pass Through's Ice Machines
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Amika Glass Washers Amika Dish Washers Amika Pass Through Dish  Heavy Duty Dish Washers
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Maidaid Dishwashers

The "C" range of machines now consists of 3 gravity drain machines all with 500mm baskets and the option of a fitted drain pump if required. They also all have NEW soft touch controls with bright LED displays and a selectable energy saving mode as well as a partial double skin giving a noise and heat loss reduction. The C501 has a usable height of 320mm and 3 cycle times of 70, 110 and 150 seconds. The C505WS is supplied with an internal water softener as standard while the C511 is supplied with a WRAS approved fitted break tank as standard.

There are two machines in the "D" range. The D511 has a 500mm basket, usable height of 355mm, WRAS approved break tank as standard, Drain pump and is fully double skinned. In addition to the standard features on the D511 the D515WS is also supplied with an internal water softener as standard.

There are 4 machines from the Evolution range of machines the Evolution 501, Evolution 505WS, Evolution 511 and Evolution 515WS with all of the Evolution machines designed to give maximum energy and wash efficiency.

For those really busy environments Maidaid offer 3 heavy duty machines all with WRAS approved fitted break tanks, soft touch controls and double skinned the 320mm usable height MH520, the 380mm usable height MH520T and the 430mm usable height MH720.

Halcyon Amika DIshwshers

The Halcyon Amika range of dishwashers consists of two machines the Amika 50XL and Amika 51XL. Both machines are gravity drain with an option of a fitted drain pump, a 500mm basket, a usable height of 325m as well as two cycle times. Detergent and rinse aid dosing is standard on both models while the 51XL also benefits from soft touch controls and has an internal break tank fitted as standard. As with the rest of the Halycon Amika range these units are supplied with a 1 year parts & labour warranty.

Maidaid Glasswashers

the full range of Maidaid Glasswashers which were redesigned in 2013 to bring you a higher specification than before on the equivalent machine from the C351 up to the top of the range Evolution 505WS.We are sure that with within the Maidaid Glasswasher product range you will find a machine that meets your needs at a very competitive price.

The "C" range of machines now consists of 5 machines all with NEW soft touch controls with bright LED displays and a selectable energy saving mode as well as a partial double skin giving a noise and heat loss reduction. There are 3 x 13amp single phase machines the C351 with a 350mm basket and usable height of 255mm, the C401 with 390mm basket and 295mm usable height, C451 with 450mm basket and 255mm usable height. The 500mm basket C501 has a usable height of 320mm but requires a 30 amp single phase supply for the most effective operation. At the top of the "C" range of machines is the 30 amp single phase C505WS which is supplied with an internal water softener as standard.  All of these machines have the option to be supplied with a fitted Drain pump.

The Maidaid "D" range of under counter glass washers contains 3 machines the 400mm basket 275mm usable height D401 running of a 13 amp power supply, the 500mm basket 255mm usable height D501 (30amp single phase) and the 500mm basket 355mm usable height D515WS which also runs from a 30 amp single phase power supply but has a fitted internal water softener as standard. All of the "D" range machines have wash tanks designed to reduce water consumption and are supplied with an internal drain pump fitted as standard.

At the top of the Maidaid range of glass washers comes 4 machines from the evolution range. All evolution range machines are fitted with WRAS approved break tanks, drain pumps and are double skinned for minimum heat loss and maximum noise reduction. There are two 13 amp machines both with 400mm baskets the Evolution 401 and Evolution 405WS which comes with an internal water softener. There are also two 30 amp single phase machines both with 500mm baskets the Evolution 501 and the Evolution 505WS with internal water softener.

All of the front loading dishwashers we supply from Maidaid come with the manufacturers 2 year parts & labour warranty. You can also be assured that if you purchase a Maidaid dishwasher from ourselves and ask for installation it will be installed to the highest standard wherever you are in the UK as we use Maidaid's own engineers to install all of the Maidaid machines that we supply allowing us to have national coverage.

Halycon Amika Glasswashers

The Halcyon Amika Glass range now consists of 5 under counter gravity drain machines with them all having an optional fitted drain pump. All of the machines have a new design with large control buttons available on all models except the 51XL which has soft touch controls. All models also have rinse and detergent dosing as standard as well as a 1 year parts & labour warranty and 2 rack supplied as standard.

There are three 13 amp single phase machines the 350mm basket with 255mm usable height 35XL, 390mm basket with 285mm usable height 40XL and the 45XL which has a 450mm basket and a usable height of 255mm.

The range is completed by two 500mm basket machines both of which should run from a 30 amp single phase power supply for optimum performance. The 50XL has  325mm usable height whilst the 51XL also benefits from having an internal break tank fitted as standard

Maidaid Ice Machines

We are proud to be distributors for the Maidaid range of Ice Makers. We are sure they have a unit in the range that will meet your needs with production outputs from 21kg up to 155kg per day and storage bins from 5kg to 65kg. All the units are powered from a 13 amp single phase plug and supplied with a full 3 year parts & labour warranty ensuring piece of mind. All of the Maidaid Ice Machines use a unique spray system technology to produce 13 gram ice cubes that minimizes scaling and produces separate crystal clear, slow melting ice cubes, when produced they are stored in the easy clean ice storage bin made from food safe tough ABS. These WRAS approved units operate in ambient room temperatures between 10 to 25'c required (optimum 20'c) with a required water pressure of 1 to 6 bar.

To aid you search for the correct machine please see below out simple machine guide to the options of machine available.

Model Production kg (24hrs) Bin Capacity (kg) Bin Capacity (13gm cubes) Unit Dimensions
M22-5 21 5 310 345(w) x 400(d) x 595(h)-mm
M30-10 28 10 530 390(w) x 460(d) x 695(h)-mm
M34-16 34 16 950 500(w) x 580(d) x 790(h)-mm
 M42-16  42  16 950  500(w) x 580(d) x 790(h)-mm
 M50-25  48  25  1470  500(w) x 580(d) x 900(h)-mm
 M65-40  65  40  2350  738(w) x 600(d) x 1020(h)-mm
 M90-55  90  55  3240  738(w) x 600(d) x 1120(h)-mm
 M130-65  130  65  3830  840(w) x 740(d) x 1175(h)-mm
 M155-65  155  65  3830  840(w) x 740(d) x 1175(h)-mm


In supplying Maidaid Halcyon products, Thames Valley Catering customers can expect some of the finest glasswashers and dishwashers on the market, with various ranges available. Over 10 categories are available online with some exciting niche categories including Bezzera Espresso Machines and Amika Pass Through Dishwashers.

The entire range of both Maidaid and Amika glass washers, dishwashers and Pass through machines were redesigned in 2013 creating a new and improved product range. The upgrades have raised the standard of the Maidaid range to even higher levels than before and we are sure that you will be delighted to see how the new machines have improved giving even better value for money on the excellent range of products.

Thames Valley Catering Equipment are proud to be agents for this distinguished company. Through our extensive range of catering equipment suppliers, we are able to supply and install a wide range of leading brand named equipment.


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