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We are proud to be suppliers for Grant Instruments and Sammic water baths specially designed for sous vide cooking.

Temperature-controlled sous-vide cooking has become an indispensable technique for any kitchen that follows the last trends. More than a fashion, it is a cooking technique that gains adherents for both its advantages related to product quality as the economic and organisational benefits that this means.

Sous vide — which literally translates from French as ‘under vacuum’ — was originally developed in France during the early 1970s. The process evolved when a chef and a university food scientist joined forces to devise a method for perfect foie gras. The best method proved to be sealing the food in a pouch under vacuum before slowly cooking it at a controlled low temperature. With the right sous vide equipment the gentle cooking process results in tender textures and enhanced, intense flavours, which are now part of every serious professional chef’s life.

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