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Our range Of Pizza Ovens are supplied by Blue Seal, Lincat and Sammic

The Blue Seal range of  commercial pizza ovens consists of two units the single deck DB430M and twin deck DB830M. These electric deck oven versions are perfect for all types of kitchen and restaurant requirements with each electric pizza oven having thermostatic temperature controls allowing separate top / down heat options on each deck, along with a stainless steel baking chamber and fire stone deck-baking surface

From Lincat we offer the full range of pizza ovens which you will find are ideal not only for Italian restaurants and pizzerias, but also for a wide range of companies from the small takeaway, cafe, pub or snack bar through to  fast food outlets and canteens.

The range starts with the Lincat LPO Pizza Oven from the Lynx 400 range of compact counter top catering equipment. This pizza oven is perfect for those locations producing a smaller volume of pizza that does not require a large oven. The LPO has a capacity of 1 x 14" or 2 x 9" pizzas per time and has thermostatic control for perfect cooking results, upper and lower elements for effective cooking of pizzas and a mechanical ring timer for precise cooking. This small but powerful unit will get to a temperature up to 300'c for rapid cooking and crisp bases while the wire shelf has cool to touch handles.

We then offer 3 standard range pizza ovens that all benefit from a firebrick base that ensures crisp and even cooking of pizza bases as well as thermostatic control of the oven and a 20 minute audible timer. Made from a hygienic stainless steel interior and exterior these standard range pizza ovens have fully insulated doors for energy efficiency and safe operation with separate heat controls for top and base of oven compartment. The first unit in the range is the single deck PO49X that has a capacity for 4 x 10" (25cm) Pizza operating from a 13 amp single phase power supply. The PO69X is another single deck oven running from a 13 amp single phase supply but this oven has a capacity of 2 x 14" (35cm) or 6 x 10" (25cm) Pizza. The standard range is completed by the twin deck PO89X that has a capacity for 8 x 10" (25cm) Pizza  but with a power rating of 5.7kW requires either a 26 amp single or three phase power supply.

There are six units in the premium range of Lincat pizza ovens starting with the 4 x 10" (25cm) Pizza capacity PO425 single deck oven which is the only premium pizza oven in the Lincat range that runs on a 13 amp single phase power supply. The 4 x 12" (30cm) Pizza capacity PO430 requires an 18 amp single phase or Three phase power supply while the other single deck unit the PO630 with a capacity of 6 x 12" (30cm) Pizza runs from a 31 amp single or three phase supply. There are three twin deck pizza ovens in the premium range being the 8 x 10" (25cm) Pizza capacity PO425-2, 8 x 12" (30cm) Pizza capacity PO430-2 and the largest oven in the Lincat range the 8 x 12" (30cm) Pizza capacity PO630-2. All of the Lincat premium pizza ovens have a toughened safety glass external viewing window, temperature display gauge to monitor oven temperatures more accurately, Internal illumination for better visibility of product and enhanced appearance in front of house applications and a 20 minute audible timer. They also have an Initial heat up time to 240'c in approx 40 minutes and maximum temperature of 480'c.

The newest pizza product offered by Lincat is the Giga GSP01 fast oven. If you are looking for Hot, fresh Italian pizza that can be baked quickly and where ever you want it the the Lincat Giga GSP01 is the unit you are looking for. The GSP01 is a versatile counter top pizza oven that will give consistent results which are comparable to those produced by traditional wood fired ovens. The unique design of the GSP01 delivers rapid cooking with fresh pizza ready in as little as 90 seconds. With the compact dimensions of this unit it is ideal for any cafe, pub restaurant or snack bar wishing to serve pizza but do not want the large cost of a traditional pizza oven.

We complete our range of Pizza ovens with the full range of Sammic units that are available in the UK. All of the ovens in the product range benefit from have stainless steel cooking chambers with a single stone hearth per deck, as well as stainless steel fronts and doors as well as benefiting from great insulation to ensure that energy costs are kept to a minimum. All of the units also benefit from the Sammic 1 year parts & labour warranty.

Below is our quick guide to the Sammic Pizza ovens

Model Capacity No of Decks Chamber dimensions Overall Dimensions Power requirements
Mini  8 x 250mm Pizza Two 505(w) x 530(d) x 115(h)-mm 745(w) x 695(d) x 490(h)-mm 2 x 3kW
PL-4 4 x 300mm Pizza One 700(w) X 700(d) X 145(h) mm 1010(w) x 1120(d) x 430(h)-mm 4.8kW
PL-6 6 x 300mm Pizza One 700(w) X 1050(d) X 145(h) mm 1010(w) x 1470(d) x 430(h)-mm 7.2kW
PL-6W 6 x 300mm Pizza One 1050(w) X 700(d) X 145(h) mm 1360(w) x 1120(d) x 430(h)-mm 7.2kW
PL-4+4 8 x 300mm Pizza Two 700(w) X 700(d) X 145(h) mm 1010(w) x 1120(d) x 770(h)-mm 2 x 4.8kW
PL-6+6 12 x 300mm Pizza Two 700(w) X 1050(d) X 145(h) mm 1010(w) x 1470(d) x 770(h)-mm 2 x 7.2kW
PL-6+6W 12 x 300mm Pizza Two 700(w) X 700(d) X 145(h) mm 1360(w) x 1120(d) x 770(h)-mm 2 x 7.2kW

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