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Our range of induction hobs are manufactured by Blizzard (budget range), Lincat (mid range) and Induced Energy (top range) and within these 3 suppliers we believe that we have an induction hob for all pockets and applications.

Blizzard Induction Hobs (budget range)

If you are looking for a portable, budget induction hob then the Blizzard BIH1 is the unit within our product range for you.

This single induction hob that operates from a 13 amp single phase power supply has a temperature range of +60 to +240'c and measures 235(h) x 350(w) x 580(d)-mm, and also benefits from a 1 year parts & labour warranty

Lincat Induction Hobs (Mid range)

We are delighted to offer the full range Lincat induction hobs to our customers all of which are supplied with a 2 year parts & labour warranty.

Induction cooking works differently from traditional hob-top cooking methods. When using traditional gas and electric hobs the hob will create heat which is transferred to the cooking vessel and then to the contents of the pan, but when using Induction hobs the heat is generated in the cooking pan itself.

  • The hob creates a powerful electromagnetic field, which generates heat inside the pan - not on the hob's surface
  • The heat is instantly adjustable, as the process reacts immediately to changes in the power input and magnetic field
  • Through changes in the electric current, the hob detects whether a cooking vessel is in place or the contents have boiled away
  • Induction hobs work well with any flat-bottomed pans with a high ferrous metal content at the base. This includes cast iron and many stainless pans

The Lincat induction hobs start with three slimline counter models the single zone IH3, the twin zone IH21 Induction Hob and the four zone IH42. All these units are designed to deliver a highly responsive and controllable source of heat in a unit with a slim profile that is ideal for front of house cooking. Being light weight and running from a 13 amp plug these induction hobs are very portable making them ideal for event catering use.

There are then four units from the Silverlink range that are perfect for suiting together or with other silverlink equipment as they all sit on the silverlink range of pedestals and stands. The range consists of the single zone SLI3, Single Wok zone SLI3W, twin zone SLI21 and four zone SLI42.

From the Opus 800 range of Heavy duty cooking equipment, we are delighted to offer the Twin Zone OE8013 induction hob as well as the Four Zone OE8014 induction hob. Both of these units have 5kW induction zones with a 220mm diameter, Automatic Pan detection function cuts power when no pan is present, 6mm thick high impact resistant glass ceramic surface will withstand hard knocks and is easy to clean and Multiple internal cooling fans and overheat protection for long service life.

We also offer the Opus 800 OE8017 Induction Range cooker that has 4 x 5kW Induction zones each 270mm Diameter sitting above a 4kW Single fan assisted oven for uniform and consistent cooking results

Induced Energy Induction Hobs (Top Range)

Based in Brackley, Northamptonshire, all of the products are manufactured to the design by their own engineers, who also provide excellent after-sales service.

Being induction specialists, they concentrate their resources on this exciting cooking medium. Indeed, Induced Energy has transformed the way in which Chefs can cook through our state of the art technology with that MAGIC ‘wow’ factor.

All Induced Energy hobs feature cooking zones providing the full 3kW of power that professionals tell us they require.

All Induced Energy hobs are available in 50 hertz and 50 or 60 hertz

The UK leads the world in the quality of professional catering design. It really is essential that your induction hob complements this high standard. After extensive consultation with professional chefs, Induced Energy hobs were designed in conjunction with DCA Design International, to meet this requirement in full.

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