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Our range of Freestanding fryers are supplied by some of the leading manufacturers of Freestanding Fryers including Blue Seal, Lincat, Pitco, Imperial and Imperial. Available in either Electric or Gas and with a vast range of basket and tank combinations we are sure we have a freestanding fryer in our product range that will meet your needs.

Our most popular fryers are manufactured by Blue Seal, Lincat and Pitco and details of these fryers are shown below.

Blue Seal Electric fryers

There are four fryers in the Blue seal electric fryer product range all with a width of 450mm and an hourly output of up to 31kg per hour.

There are two units with a single 31 litre capacity tank the Mechanical control E43 and electronic control E43E. both units have tanks measuring 365(w) x 380(L) with an oil frying depth of 95mm and are supplied with 2 chrome plated wire baskets that each measure 140(w) x 335(d) x 145(h)-mm. The E43 & E43E are powered by 3 x 5.66kW stainless steel heating elements.

The mechanical E44 and electronic control E44E are twin tank units with two 12 litre tanks on each unit that measure 175(w) x 380(L)-mm with a oil frying depth of 95mm and are also supplied with 2 chrome plated wire baskets that each measure 140(w) x 335(d) x 145(h)-mm. These two fryers are powered 3 x 2.83kW stainless steel heating elements.

All of the Fryers in the Blue Seal range of electric fryers run from a 3 phase power supply and also benefit from a large capacity cool zone, easy clean stainless steel open pans, oil level and over temperature safety cut-outs. The units are all supplied on adjustable feet to the front and rollers to the rear of the unit and come with the Blue Seal 1 year parts & labour warranty

Blue Seal Gas Fryers

The Blue Seal range of Gas Fryers consists of six products from the Evolution range of machines and one Fryer from the Cobra range of machines.

The Cobra CF-2 fryer has an 18 litre tank with Mechanical thermostat and Manual pilot ignition and is supplied with two baskets and a stainless steel lid as standard.

The Evolution range of machines starts with the 20 litre single tank GT45 (mechanical control) and GT45E (electronic control) fryers. Both of these units have an output of 31kg per hour and are powered by 2 x 12.5kW infrared burners.

Next in the product range but still with a width of 450mm are the 13 litre Twin tank GT46 and GT46E. The range is completed by the GT60 and GT60E Fryers with a potential output per hour of 31kg per hour. Both of these units have a width of 600mm and have a single tank with a capacity of 31 litres and are supplied with two large baskets as standard but can also be fitted with 3 smaller baskets if required.

All of the products in the Evolution range of Fryers benefit from Easy clean stainless steel open pans, Large capacity cool zones, Oil level and over temperature safety cut-outs and are supplied on adjustable front feet with rollers to the rear.

Lincat Electric fryers

The Lincat range of freestanding electric fryers are supplied from the Silverlink and Opus 700 product ranges. For the less demanding environment we offer 4 models from the Lincat Silverlink medium duty range of freestanding electric fryers. The J6 & J9 models both have a single 9 litre tank whilst the J12 & J18 have twin 9 litre tanks. All 4 of these units are supplied with a 2 year parts & labour warranty and have the ability to be suited with the other modular cooking equipment items within the Silverlink range.

For that heavy duty environment we have 4 products from the Opus range from the single tank 16 litre capacity OE7112 through to the Twin 8 litre tank OE7105. All of the four Opus models are supplied with a 2 year parts & labour warranty and all also have the option to be supplied with built in filtration systems that extends oil life by up to 75%.

Please see below our quick guide to assist you in selecting the correct Fryer from the Lincat range

Model Tank Capacity Output per hour Unit Width Power requirement
J6  1 x 9 litre  18kg frozen chips or 26kg chilled chips 300mm  26amp single phase or 3 phase supply
 J9  1 x 9 litre 26kg frozen chips or 30kg chilled chips  300mm 39amp single phase or 3 phase supply
 J12  2 x 9 litre 40kg frozen chips or 52kg chilled chips  600mm 2 x 26amp single phase
 J18  2 x 9 litre 52kg frozen chips or 60kg chilled chips 600mm  2 x 39amp single phase or 2 x 3 phase supply
OE7112 1 x 16 litre 32kg Frozen or 40kg Chilled Chips 300mm 52.2 amp single phase or 3 phase supply
OE7114 1 x 19 litre 36kg Frozen or 45kg Chilled Chips 400mm 60.9amp single phase or 3 phase supply
OE7105 2 x 8 litre 40kg Frozen or 55kg Chilled Chips 400mm 60.8 amp single or 3 phase supply
OE7108 1 x 35 litre 45kg Frozen or 57kg Chilled Chips 600mm 3 phase power supply
OE7113  2 x 16 litre 65kg Frozen or 80kg Chilled Chips 600mm 3 phase power supply


 Lincat Gas Fryers

We offer 4 fryers from the heavy duty Opus range all supplied with 2 years parts & labour warranty. The OG7110 is a single tank single basket fryer with a 14 litre tank. The OG7106 has a slightly larger 16 litre tank and take two baskets whilst the OG7107 is the largest of the single tank machines with a 20 litre tank. If you are looking for a heavy duty twin tank machine then there is the OG7111 with it's two 14 litre tanks. All of these fryers benefit from accurate, close tolerance thermostats for consistent results, heavy duty finned heat exchange systems giving efficiency and economy and a deep cool zone to give extended oil life

For those people looking for high efficiency gas fryers then we can offer the OG7115 single 16 litre machine or the OG7115/F which has the additional benefit of oil filtration.

If you are looking for a medium duty machine then the two models from the Silverlink range may meet your needs. The J5 is a single basket single 12 litre tank machine whilst the J10 is a twin 12 litre tank fryer. Both of these fryers have thermostatic control ensuring accurate oil temperature and consistently perfect results, top temperature cut-out to prevent overheating of oil with flame failure device, deep cool zone that collects cooking debris giving cleaner cooking results and prolongs oil life which in turn saves you money as well as a convenient pilot flame operation with piezo ignition. They are also supplied with heavy duty double nickel plated spun wire baskets, batter plates and stainless steel lids as standard

All of the Lincat gas fryers are available in either Natural or LP gas options, are manufactured in the UK and come with the Lincat 2 year parts & labour warranty.

Pitco Gas Fryers

For over 80 years, Pitco have designed equipment that makes it easier for their customers to offer the best in fried foods to their customers. Our range starts with the popular Pitco CE35 single tank twin basket machine. This economy machine has an output of up to 28.6kg per hour. We then have 4 units from the Solstice fryer range. All Solstice series fryers will allow you to cook more product, more efficiently and provide an improved operating environment with cooler flue temperatures. There are also major improvements in the filtering process eliminates steps, so fryers are easier to clean and return to service faster. The innovative design of Solstice is centered around greater profitability, improved business, greater customer care, less energy usage and fast payback. We start the Solstice range with the SG14S single tank machine which has a 17.1 - 21.5 litres oil capacity and a production capacity of up to 40kg per hour. Next come the twin tank SG14TS with a production capacity of up to 37kg per hour split across two 8.5 - 10.45 litre tank. The largest free standing fryer we offer is the SG18S that has a massive 30.4 - 38.89 litre tank and a production capacity of up to 54kg per hour. We also offer the Solstice SG14RS single tank fryer that has the same features as the SG14S but the 14R is the "Fuelsaver" version of the Solstice providing even more cost savings.

Imperial Fryers

We are delighted to supply on line the Imperial range of tube fired freestanding gas fryers. We offer four fryers in the product range. The IFS-2525 is a twin 14 litre tank fryer with a capacity of 36kg chips per hour (raw to frozen). The single tank fryers that we offer online from Imperial are the 22 litre tank IFS-40 (32kg of chips per hour), 27 litre IFS-50 (40kg of chips per hour) and the 41 litre IFS-75 (64kg of chips per hour). All of the Imperial IFS range of gas fryers benefit from stainless steel front, door, sides and stub backs, large cool zones that helps capture food particles, prolong oil life and reduce taste transfer and stainless steel fry pots as well as being supplied with two nickel-plated wire mesh baskets with vinyl coated heat resistant handles.

Along with the standard IFS range we also offer online the IFS-40-OP that benefits from having the flame heating ceramic plates located outside of the frypot meaning there are no tube fired burners used. In addition to the IFS-40-OP  we can also supply the IFS-50-OP & IFS-75-OP but both of these units are non stock items for the UK market so please call us for lead times and prices. We can also supply the Imperial banks of fryers complete with filtration systems for those busy fast food environments that require multiple fryers to be in operation at one time.

If you would like any further information on any products within our range please call us on 01295 722250

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