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Our range of Chargrills are supplied by Lincat, Blue Seal and Imperial ensuring that whatever your need we will have a Chargrill in our product range that will meet your companies individual needs.

Our most popular range of Chargrills are the Blue Seal range of Gas Char grills which are the perfect choice when you are looking for a powerful and reliable gas Char Grill for your kitchen. There are 5 models in the standard evolution range of machines the 300mm wide G592 bench machine, the 450mm wide G593 that is available as either on a leg stand or bench top version. The 600mm G594-LS, 900mm wide G596-LS and the largest unit in the range the 1200mm wide G598-LS are all supplied on a leg stand.

All of the Char grills in the Blue Seal evolution range benefit from Heavy-duty cast iron grates and radiants that produce maximum heat to seal in the flavours of meat, while the chargrill’s inclined position incorporates a grooved, flare-reducing grate fin design which runs grease into a collection channel. The gas supplied is controlled by Individual Hi-Lo gas controls to each burner with flame failure whilst cleaning is made easy by the lift out radiants, burners and grease tray baffles

The units can also be fitted with Interchangeable 300mm and 450mm drop-on griddle sections provide extra versatility to the units, and are supplied with the Blue Seal one year parts & labour warranty

Completing the range is the Cobra CB6 gas barbecue grill. This 600mm Wide unit that sits on top of a open cabinet base ideal for  extra storage has cast iron grates that can used in either a flat or tilted position, V-Shaped cast iron burners, radiants and baffle plates which are easily removed for cleaning as well as a stainless steel grease tray.

From Lincat we offer both gas and electric chargrills all of which are supplied with the Lincat 2 year parts & labour warranty.

From the Opus 700 range of heavy duty prime cooking equipment we are delighted to offer two of the top electric Chargrills available in the UK today. Both units have Independently controlled heat zones that deliver fast cooking and maximum output while controlled flaring gives that distintive chargrilled flavour. The removable, durable segmented cast iron grids give attractive branding marks to the food being prepared while an in built water bath provides humidity, keeping food succulent and reducing shrinkage.

The OE7405 measures 450(h) x 600(w) x 737(d)-mm and has 3 Independently controlled heat zones and has a Branding grid cooking area of 552 x 525mm which is capable of producing 75 steaks (8oz sirlion steaks medium cooked) per hour and is powered from a 11.2kW three phase power supply.

The OE7406 with 6 Independently controlled heat zones measures 450(h) x 900(w) x 737(d)-mm and has a Branding grid cooking area of 828 x 525mm which is capable of producing 110 steaks (8oz sirlion steaks medium cooked) per hour.

For those companies that have a smaller output requirement we have 3 units from the Lincat Silverlink range. All three of these units have high heat retention in the cast iron grids that means there is no waiting for the grill to recover to cooking temperature as well as a built in splash guard with water funnel that enables refilling of tank without cooling the cooking grid. The water bath provides humidity, keeping food succulent and reducing the amount of shrinkage during cooking. The ECG6 is a 600mm wide Chargrill that requires a 36 amp single phase or 3 phase supply, while there are two 900mm wide units that both run from a three phase power supply the ECG9 and ECG9/WT (water tap connection for ease of use).

If you are looking for a Lincat gas chargrill then we have from the Silverlink range two medium duty chargrills the 450mm wide CG4 and 600mm wide GG6. Both of these 14.3kW rated chargrills are available in either natural or LP gas and benefit from having heat transfer radiants that eliminate the need for messy lava rock, removable branding grids, fat collection drawers and debris collection trays for easy cleaning, adjustable cooking grid and variable heat control for maximum control ability and heat retaining cooking grids produce clean, sharp branding marks to enhance food presentation.

From the Opus 700 range of Heavy duty prime cooking equipment  we have four high efficiency gas chargrills all with Infra-red ceramic plaque burners that provide intense direct heat, making them highly efficient for professional catering which produce hotter temperatures than can be achieved with conventional gas burners, meaning less energy is required to deliver the desired result. With extremely fast heat up, the technology behind Opus 700 Chargrills puts control ability at our fingertips. Burners can be switched off during quiet periods and turned back on only when needed, minimising energy wastage and cutting costs.

Please see below our quick guide to the range of Opus 700 Chargrills.

Model Width Output per hour Branding grid cooking area Power
OG7401 600mm 122 (8oz sirloin steaks medium cooked) 460 x 500-mm 12.3kW
OG7402 900mm 204 (8oz sirloin steaks medium cooked) 760 x 500-mm 20.5kW
OG7403 1200mm 252 (8oz sirloin steaks medium cooked) 1060 x 500-mm 28.7kW
OG7404 1500mm 324 (8oz sirloin steaks medium cooked) 1360 x 500-mm 36.9kW

 Our range of Chargrills is competed by the Imperial range of both radiant and Char-Rock char grills manufactured by Imperial and all supplied with a 2 year parts & labour warranty.

We supply two Imperial radiant Char grills the 610mm wide 4 burner IRB-24 and the 914mm wide 6 burner IRB-36. Both of these units benefit from Individually controlled 15,000 BTU/4kW/hr stainless steel burners located every 152mm, removable reinforced cast iron radiants that prevent clogging of burners and provide attractive Char-Grill markings along with each top grate having a cast-in grease trough that allows excess fat to flow to the front grease gutter minimising flare-up.

We also have the ever popular Char-Rock range of char grills with 3 models manufactured by Imperial available in the UK. The two burner 559mm wide EBA-2223, three burner 816mm wide EBA-3223 and the four burner 1067mm wide EBA-4223. All of these units use Char-rock that distributes heat evenly and provides the high temperatures required to seal-in juices for tender meats, fish and poultry and have 35,000 BTU/hr (10kw) "H" type burners located every 12" (305mm) ensuring high performance cooking over the entire cooking surface along with heavy duty cast iron 5" x 21" (127 x 533mm) sections that remove easily and safely for cleaning. The top grates can be used in flat or sloped positions with the slanted cooking surface provides a range of cooking temperatures and allows excess fat to flow to the front grease trough minimising flare-up.

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