Catering Equipment Information

Catering Equipment comes in all shapes, size and many different categories such as:
Cooking Equipment, Washware, RefrigerationFood Preparation, Food Service Equipment, Display Equipment, Beverage Machines, Smokers and finally Hygiene Equipment.

We will now try to explaine in plain english just what each of these are and what you will need them for if entering the catering industry.


Cooking Equipment:
A caterers cooking equipment is one of the most importaint parts of his/her opporation as with out this his/she would not be able to cater for their client's'. Catering cooking equipment can also be brocken down in to more groups and types including: Bratt Pans, Chip scuttles, Fryers, Griddle, Grills, Hob Boiling Tops, Hot Dog Machine, Kebab, Microwaves, Ovens, Range Cookers, Steamers, Toasters, Wok Cookers, Rotisseries, Pasta Cookers and you probable guess it many more on to of the cooking equipment groups listed above such as Bain Marie's, Cinders Barbecues, Crepe Machines, Rice Cookers, Self Cooking Centers, Waffle Irons and most of these cooking equipment types can also be brocken down in to more cooking equipment groups. We will go on to the groups more at a later date but for now we will stick to the main catering equipment groups.

When you are looking for your catering equipment you should always look at brand names that you can trust like Lincat Catering Equipment, Blue Seal Catering EquipmentRational Catering Equipment and other big brands. We stock all cooking equipment from these leading brands and many other top catering brands whcih you can see a list of on our buyers guide pages.


Wasware Equipment:
The caterers next top importaint bit of catering equipment has got to be his/her washware equipment. A caterer without good washware equipment is going to go under in no time as you cant create, serve or cater food on inproperly washed catering equipment.
Washware equipment is brocken down into 8 main catergories: Glasswashers, Pass Through Diswashers, Rack Conveyor Dishwashers, Cutlery Dryer-Polishers, Front Loading Dishwashers, Water Softeners, Baskets and Accessories. These main washware equipment groups can be brocken down into more groups.

As with cooking equipment you should look to buy from only well know top brands of catering equipment such as Sammic Catering Equipment, Whirlpool Catering Equipment, Blue Seal Catering Equipment and many others.


Refrigeration Equipment:
No catering company or self caterer can go without refrigeration equipment, which im sure we all already know as most food used in the catering industry will need to be kept in refrigeration.
Catering refrigeration equipment can be brocken down into 14 groups; Blast Chillers and Freezers, Bottle Coolers, Chest Freezers, Counter Refridgeration, Display Coolers, Foster Commando Packaged Coldrooms, Ice Cream Displays, Foster Tailer Made Cold and Freezer Rooms, Ice Makers, Refridgerated Preperation Counters, Serve Over Display Counters, Under Counter Refrigeration, Upright Fridges and Freezers and Wine Cabinets. Most of these refrigeration catergories will have sub-categories to. You should only look at top brands for refrigeration equipment as if you get this wrong that could be your hole catering opporation down the drain, so we would advise you only look at leading brands such as Fosters Refrigeration, Blizzard Catering Equipment, Hoshizaki Refrigeration, Lincat Catering Equipment and the others we have listed at the bottom page of our main buyers guide section.



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