Budget Wedding Catering

Budget Wedding Catering

With wedding budgets always under strain its good to know how you can select low cost wedding food options without disappointing your wedding guests, and even get better to get delicious foods at low cost.

Follow our budget wedding catering advice and you can ensure that your wedding catering will be low on cost and big on taste and style!

Save money on the drinks.

One of the simplest ways that you can cut off excess in your wedding budget is to look for savings in your drinks bill.  Here’s how.

  • Serve only wine and beer: Considering the high prices of alcoholic beverages, it is best advised to limit the types of alcoholic beverages that will be served to just wine and beer. Avoiding the costs of hard alcohol, and cocktails will strip out some unnecessary cost.
  • Serve non-alcoholic beverages: Be brave! Simply serve non-alcoholic beverages. In this way you will save money and avoid any embarrassing situations that you and your guests will regret!

Save money on Food.

While we all assume the food takes the larger percentage if most money spent during a wedding, there are budget wedding catering ideas that are far cheaper and will equally satisfy the guests. These include:

  • Pasta: One of the least expensive food to serve for a budget catering is pasta. You can serve a variety of sauces, to suit all palettes. You can also consider serving chicken with penne or fettuccine considering the fact that chicken is a low cost protein that can serve in various way to fit your budget.
  • Barbecue: Barbecue is another grand budget food for those looking forward for a budget wedding. It is comparatively cheap and is sure to satisfy your guests. Barbecue is a southern wedding staple and oftentimes includes delicious side items like mashed potatoes, macaroni, and cheese.
  • Hog Roast: Hog roast is another budget wedding catering option that saves you money and will ultimately please your guests, especially those with a big appetite. Hog roast involves the barbecuing of a whole pig on a spit. There are lots of reputable butchers who can travel out to your event and serve delicious roast pork that is often free range and delicious.
  • Fish and Chips: Traditional English Fish and Chips is another foods option that will fit perfectly in your catering budget. You could even serve it in the paper for a trendy seaside holiday theme.

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